Microgreens Growing Mat (pk3)

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The Microgreens Growing Mat is made from hemp fibre with natural latex, an excellent choice for the conscious gardener. They are a perfect in combination with our Bamboo Seed Trays for microgreens gardeners. Conveniently they will also fit many other seed trays from Garland, being about the size of a medium propagator. You may wish to cut to size to fit smaller trays. Good for the planet and conscious gardener they are a Plastic free product, including packaging. Making the Microgreens growing mat biodegradable and compostable.

Microgreens are really nutritious and easy to grow, even for those who don’t have a garden. Coupled with the fact that they are also expensive to buy growing microgreens has become increasingly popular. With the Microgreens Growing Mat you too can experience growing your own organic food.

Great for the less able gardener as you do not need heavy bags of compost make these easy to use. You’re able to start growing quickly with a few simple supplies. They are an easy entry to gardening or a chance to try something new if you are already bitten by the gardening bug.

They are a good alternative for seasoned microgreens growers too. When harvesting microgreens it is easy to pull out whole plants when you snip. By growing on a mat your end product is so much cleaner as opposed to soil.

Make sure you check out our supporting products for Microgreens growing, if you need advice please just get in contact and we’ll help you out.

Product size- W18cm x L33

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