Canna BioFlores 1ltr

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Bio Flores was developed for the blooming phase of plants. Due to the fact that Bio Flores is made of plant material it provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions.
In addition to these minerals, the fermented plant material also contains substances such as Betaine and a lot of amino acids, which provide the plant with extra blooming power.

Directions of Use

  • Shake well before use
  • Dissolve approximately 40 ml concentrate per 10 L of water (1:250)
  • Depending on pot and plant size feed 1-3 times a week when using a fertile soil
  • The diluted nutrient solution does not need to be acidified
  • Use up mixed solution within 24 hours
  • Feed by drip irrigation: To prevent blockages always rinse out the pipes with water
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1 review for Canna BioFlores 1ltr

  1. Jason Davies

    this arrived laying directly on top of canna soil which the bottle leaked all over in the box
    bit of a mess to clean up before removing from the box
    could of been sent in a better manner i feel
    will be nervous ordering liquid items again.

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