Silver Bullet Roots

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For beautiful white roots on every plant you grow. Keeps your roots healthy and happy! As you can see below, there are several uses for Silver Bullet Roots, making it a versatile and highly useful product.

Silver Bullet Roots is a hydro system disinfectant with a difference! It uses hydrogen peroxide like other cleaners but is more stable in solution. Standard peroxide products break down rapidly in the tank, meaning you’ll need to dose again and again. Silver Bullet Roots uses silver ions to keep it stable which means it remains active in the system for up to 5 weeks. Bacteria typically emits a negative charge which attracts Silver Bullet. It disrupts their defence mechanisms, allowing the free radicals to attack cell membranes. This destroys the bacteria and as a result, excess oxygen escapes. It then moves on to the next negatively charged bacteria. The extra oxygen increases nutrient uptake, stimulating growth rates!

For cuttings & seedlings
dilute at 2ml/10L (no diseases) or 4ml/10L (if there’s been a disease)

To prevent problems
dose every 1 – 2 weeks at 4ml/10L (young plants) or 6ml/10L (established plants)

For diseased plants
dilute at 8ml/10L then repeat treatment after 5 days then revert back to preventative dose.

To flush a system and wash equipment
dilute at 2ml/1L, flushing the pipe with clean water afterwards

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