DYNOMYCO Premium Mycorrhizal helps support plants health by protecting your plants from environmental stress which allows them to thrive in various growing conditions. It’s beneficial fungi help your plant absorb more nutrients. The fungi latch onto the plant roots and effectively extend them to access nutrients otherwise unavailable to the plant.

DYNOMYCO is highly-concentrated, containing large amounts of endomycorrhizal propagules which help your plants reach their full potential in terms of yields and overall plant health. Based on thirty years of research, by a team of agronomists and plant and soil experts.

  • Supports plant health.
  • Improves plant nutrient uptake.
  • Maximizes plant potential.
  • Grounded in science.

How to use DYNOMYCO?

Use 1tsp of Dynomyco per pint (10.5g/L) of growing media. Mix Dynomyco well into the growing media before planting seeds, clones or seedlings.

If you are choosing to transplant your plants into a larger containers, apply Dynomyco at rate of 1tps/gal (1.3g/L) either mixed in growing media or spread in the bottom and sides of planting hole.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 100g treats 20 pots
  • 750g treats 150 pots