Orca Grow Film 15m Roll 1.4m Wide

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Orca grow film is one of those products that you have to see to believe, it works that well. Light is distributed uniformly back into your grow area.

What makes Orca Grow film different?

Orca Grow Film has properties far different to any other reflective sheeting used in the hydroponics industry. It eliminates hot spots and boasts an incredible 94% reflectivity for all wavelengths that are relevant to plant growth. A room fully lined with Orca Grow Film can increase the overall efficiency of the room by 30 – 75% and these are not just exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims but have been proven in a series of independent tests by Orb Optronix testing lab in Kirkland Washington. Orb’s lab is NIST traceable and provides measurement to industry standards including IES, CIE, IEC, ANSI, DOE, CALiPER, and Energy Star.

The secret to Orca Grow Film is its MicroFibre structure that has a ‘Diffuse’ surface that creates an even light distribution across the entire surface of the material regardless of the angle that the light hits it. In contrast to other reflective materials that have a ‘Specular’ reflective surface like that of a mirror which reflects light in a single outgoing direction. Each ray of light that hits Orca Grow Film is offered a different surface orientation reflecting the light in a broad range of directions. Because of this, Orca Grow Film eliminates grow room hot spots and unlike other types of sheeting, does not require to be hung completely flat during installation. This is without a doubt a truly fantastic product that makes the most of every watt of light used inside the grow room.

Why you should use Orca grow film.

  • Creates even light distribution across the entire material surface.
  • 94% reflectivity across the full visible light spectrum.
    High thermal reflectance. Keeps heat where it should be.
    100% Light Tight.
  • No need to hang completely flat.
  • No Colour shift. Light reflected from surface remains the original colour wavelength. so you get the full spectrum from your lamps.
  • Puncture, crease and tear resistant. 11mm thick
  • Waterproof, washable and cleanable with household cleaners.
  • Mould and algae resistant.
  • UV Protected and stable. Blocks UV light. Material does not yellow.
  • Recyclable. No halogens, plasticizers or VOCs.
  • Highest performing reflective material in hydroponics industry.
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