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Advanced Nutrients B52 is a top-quality additive made to strengthen your plants and increase nutrient uptake. The product contains vitamins and natural ingredients to help plants develop stronger and produce more flowers. It promotes root development and improves your plants’ immune system so they can fight against pathogens. Growers use B52 to feed seedlings, cuttings and plants during the vegetative phase up to the second week of blooming. The formula contains a unique blend of vitamin support to ensure high harvest yields.

General Information

  • The product is suitable for all growing systems and mediums including hydroponics, run-to-waste hydroponics, and soil;
  • The formula is a strong additive;
  • B52 comprises organic and natural ingredients such as minerals, folic acid, humates and B vitamins. The NPK ratio stands at 2-1-4;
  • The formula is made for use during the vegetative stage.


  • The product is easy-to-use;
  • The formula improves plants health and immune system;
  • Promotes vigorous root growth;
  • Accelerates your plants’ metabolism;
  • The product is compatible with other Advanced Nutrients boosters and additives.

Advanced Nutrients B52 comprises a unique blend of B vitamins, kelp extracts and seaweed to ensure strong plant development and explosive blooming. B52’s vitamins boost the vegetative development and increase flower production. B vitamins are essential to accelerate plants’ metabolism and help them recover from stressful situations such as transport or transplanting. The formula also comprises folic acid, auxins and humates which increase your plants’ metabolic rates. The product makes sure your plants get all the nutrients they need during the vegetative phase to deliver powerful blooming and fruiting.

WHEN to Use

Use B52 during the vegetative phase and the first 2 weeks of the flowering phase. The product is suitable for all growing mediums and systems. Growers use the formula at a dosage of 2 ml/L.

Best Practices

B52 is an easy-to-use additive, which you can simply mix into your water tank. First, add all the nutrients and chase them with the boosters and additives. Adjust the pH level as necessary. Keep the product in a dark and cool place. Make sure B52 is away from very high or very low temperatures. Avoid contact with your skin or eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately. Wear protective gloves when you handle the formula.

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