Clone Led 18w Twin Pack

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This Clone Led 18w from Sol-Digital has a colour temperature of 9000k. Promoting rapid root development and tight inter-nodal spacing for healthy clones and early vegetative growth. Drive consistent canopies, crop quality and productivity with the continuous supply of healthy homogenous and vigorous clones. The two energy efficient LED bars will illuminate two propagators each.

Each pack consists of 2 lamps that can easily be ‘daisy chained together in series or in parallel, Up to 40 lamps can be run from a single power source. Each bar is 1175mm long and should be placed 25-30cm above the canopy and 25-30cm apart for targeted coverage. This will give you an ideal PPF at 20 – 30cm from the canopy.

Clone Led 18w Twin Pk Features 7 Specification:

  • 2 Clone LED strips and power supply cable included
  • Water resistant housing and connectors
  • 2 Strips in array per shelf
  • Hanging clip and zip tie slot for easy installation
  • Bigger viewing angle with bigger coverage
  • Aluminium heatsink, PC cover with great heat dissipation
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour Temperature – 9000K
  • Efficacy – 2.1 umol/j
  • Light intensity (PPF) – 38umols/s
  • Input Voltage – 120-277v
  • Diode Lifespan at 90% – 54000 hrs
  • Beam Angle – 120°


Weight 6.0000 kg


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