HR-15 Humidifier

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The HR-15 humidifier enables you to efficiently raise the humidity in your grow room. Commonly available small scale humidifiers often prove too small to increase humidity to a satisfactory level. The HR-15 and HR-50 humidifiers are the only units capable of doing the job well. With a choice of a basic Analogue Humidistat or a more advanced Digital Humidistat that will also control a heater, you will have full control of this important factor.

Use in conjunction with the Hydro-X Controllers from TrolMaster for ultimate control of your humidity in your grow room.

HR-15 Humidifier Features:

  • Gives control over humidity levels
  • Improves plant growth and development
  • Connects to any water reservoir
  • Good for rooms up to 30m2
  • Power consumption: 90W
  • Humidification capacity: 1500cc/hour (1.5/hrs)
  • Dimensions: 310mm x 310mm 470m
  • Use with soft, purified or RO water only. Not for use with hard water.

Why is humidity important in Your grow room?

Humidity from root to leaf plays an intrinsic role in plant growth and function, from the formation of cells to the day to day processes of transpiration and osmosis.

The level of relative humidity affects the rate of water flow through the plant. The higher the humidity the slower evaporation occurs. Low relative humidity causes a stressful state for the plant, forcing it to spend too much energy transferring water through its tissues into the air. As all living things a plant is trying to maintain a balance within its environment. Conversely too high humidity will not allow the plant to cool normally, because the evaporation process will be slowed down (and at 100% humidity it will be stopped altogether).

A great upset in the balance of humidity can cause problems. The general understanding is for cuttings and seedlings a high humidity should be sought (above 75%) . This high humidity is maintained throughout the vegetative stage of growth for most plants.  And then incrementally diminishing as fruits and flowers develop in the flowering cycle. The contradiction to this requires an understanding of Vapour pressure Deficit Tables. if thats all new to you Purolyt can educate you in raising you humidity during the flowering cycle for optimum plant growth rates and yield production.


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