Hero 8 Way Contactor Plus Heater

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The Hero 8 Way Contactor plus heater can control either 8 x 600w lamps or 4 x 1000w lamps. The unit will also control Heaters up to 2500w. Easy to mount the unit comes with four installation brackets pre-installed. The Hero 8 is intended for switching the electrical load associated with HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting with a total load not exceeding either 8 x 600w or 4 x 1000w.

The unit has two power cords, each capable of carrying up to 13 A. The power cord on the left hand side is the ‘master’ power cord and also supplies power to the timer and contactor. The right hand side should be plugged in for the unit to function.

Check the input current required by your individual HPS lighting system. The total current required should not exceed 13 A. For safety reasons any load applied to the unit should be evenly distributed across both sides.

Do not plug the unit into extension cables or adaptors as the current will be too high for these and may create a fire risk.

Upon switching the unit off leave for at least 5 mins before unplugging it to allow any connected appliances to safely discharge.

How to Use the Hero 8 Way Contactor

The Hero 8 utilises a Grasslin segmental timer. These have an ‘on’ position denoted by ‘1’ an ‘off’ position denoted by an ‘0’ and a timer position denoted by a clock symbol. The timer must be set up before connecting any lighting or heaters, and the unit must be connected to the power. Gain access to the timer by opening the cover. Ensure that the switch is set to the ‘0’ position for Off.

To set the current time on the clock turn the outer 24 hour segmental timer clockwise. When close to the time you require you should go very slowly checking the internal clock. If you pass the required time continue around until the desired time is reached. The timer is based on the 24 hour clock.

To set the Program times set your required ON/OFF periods by pushing the segments in for ‘OFF’ periods and out for ‘ON’ periods. Plug the HPS lighting systems into the sockets on the unit. Ensure that the electrical load is balanced and does not exceed the specification. If you are connecting four lights plug two in one side and two in the opposite side. To activate the timer ensure the switch is in the timer (middle) position on the grasslin timer.

Resetting the Circuit Breaker

There are two circuit breakers, the left circuit breaker is connected to the sockets on the left hand side and the heater sockets. The right circuit breaker is connected to the sockets on the right hand side. If the unit is overloaded the breaker will trip and cut the power to one bank of four sockets. Before resetting the circuit breaker disconnect all lights and or heaters from the bank that has lost power. Set the switch position to ‘1’and re-attach each light individually. If the breaker trips whilst reconnecting a light it indicates that the circuit is overloaded or there is a problem with one of the lights.

If the left hand breaker has tripped turn the timer switch to ‘0’ and reconnect your heaters to the heater sockets. If the circuit breaker trips the heater is overloading the circuit or has an electrical problem. Once you have resolved the issues turn the switch back to the middle timer position.

Warranty and liability

In the unlikely event that there should be a fault with the unit please return it to your retailer. The unit carries a 2 year warranty (terms and conditions apply).

There are no serviceable parts inside and tampering with the unit will void the warranty. The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage caused by the operation of the unit.


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