G.A.S EC2 Controller

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The G.A.S EC2 Controller creates the perfect environment. A small but powerful EC controller with built-in fan balancer.

This is an active controller which will control intake and outtake fans thermostatically.

Powered from the fan, there is no need for an extra power supply. The built in fan balancer allows fine tuning
of difference in speed between the intake and outtake fan making sure you can create the perfect balance
between the fans. A small but powerful controller to create the perfect environment.

  • Control and balance your EC fans
  • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds for outtake fan (intake follows)
  • Set negative pressure
  • Powered from your fan so no power pack required
  • Plugs directly into all Systemair’s EC fan range.

G.A.S EC2 Controller Overview:

The GAS EC2 Speed Controller helps growers optimize the environment in their grow rooms by thermostatically controlling the EC fans. The EC fan controller adjusts minimum and maximum speed levels to maintain the grow room’s temperature at optimum rates. You can also adjust the intake fan with a Y-splitter cable. Set the target fan speed and temperature rates. The device will adjust the environment accordingly. You’ll ensure enough airflow in the grow room and the controller will run according to the set parameters. The in-built temperature LED shows when the temperatures are over the set level. The unit directly plugs into the EC fan range.

General Information:

  • The unit adjusts the temperature and EC fan speed levels;
  • The controller comprises 3 dials for temperature and fan speeds;
  • The unit optimizes the environment in your grow room;
  • Draws power from the EC fans.

Key Benefits:

  • The unit is reliable and durable;
  • It doesn’t need individual power supply;
  • It’s compatible with vector fans and Hyper Fan V2s.

The Science:

During cold temperatures you must adjust the intake airflow and allow your heaters and grow lights to compensate. During hot weather, turn up the EC fan to maintain an optimal temperature in your grow room. The controller adjusts the temperature through the thermostat setting and the maximum/minimum control dials. Set the temperature to the ideal level and the controller will regulate the fan’s output to match the temperature in the grow room. The LED shows if the grow room’s temperature is over the set levels. You can determine minimum and maximum fan speeds.

How to Use

The GAS fan controller is delivered with a Male/Male 5m active cord, which helps you connect it to the fan. Use an active Y-splitter and an extra Male/Male 5m active cable to connect 2 fans. To maintain negative pressure in the grow room, make sure that you’re using a smaller intake fan.

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