TrolMaster Heavy Duty Intank pH Sensor (PPH-2)

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The TrolMaster Heavy Duty Intank pH sensor provide accurate and reliable monitoring on the pH of the water being monitored by the Aqua-x. The PPH-2 probe is a commercially rated probe and it connects to the Aqua-x via the AMP-2. It is intended to be installed into standard 3/4″ PVC tee fittings and also can be placed into a water tank.


  • Suitable for wide range of applications: Hydroponics, Aquariums, Laboratory etc.
  • 3.6-meter long cable for flexible placement
  • BNC terminal allows direct connection to AMP-2 Sensor Board


Working Environments:            Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity<90%

Package Dimensions:              275mm(L) x 85mm(W) x 95mm(H)

PPH-2 Cut Sheet_White


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