ThinkGrow Model-H LED Grow Light 630W

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The ThinkGrow Model-H LED is a full spectrum design, covering each critical phase of growth from vegetative to flowering. The spectral tuning capability allows growers to experiment with spectrum recipes. This can be achieved with the onboard dimming knob or external controllers.

With greater flexibility and features in your LED fixture the grower is able to tailor their lights to best suit different stages of growth. as well as change the spectral output or dimming for cloud effect.

ThinkGrow Model-H Controllability:

Model-H is naturally compatible with Hydro-X controllers from TrolMaster. The LMA-T lighting adaptor allows separate control for Full Spectrum and Deep Red output levels on the ThinkGrow Model-H LED. Growers can control the lights with spectrum tuning feature from the controller, even on their smart phone. One LMA-T adaptor can control up to 256 fixtures on the same daisy chain channel. Multiple adaptors can be applied in the same control system. A unique Group Control feature can be achieved while connected to the HCS-2 controller.  this enables all lights in the same line to be grouped in up to 10 groups, all controlled individually.

ThinkGrow Model-H Led Specification:

PPF: – >1700 umol/s

Efficacy: – >2.7 umol/J

Input Power: –  630W

Power Factor: – > 90%

Fixture Dimensions: – 114.3cm L x 113.28cm W x 11.27cm D

Weight: – 17.599kg

Mounting height: – >15.2cm Above the canopy

Lifetime: L90: – >54,000hrs

Warranty: – 5 years standard warranty

Input Voltage: – Auto sensing 100-277V

Amp Draw: – 120V/5.24A 240V/2.67A 277V/2.35A

Group Control: – Yes

IP rating: – IP56

BTU: – 2149.65 btu/h

The ThinkGrow Model-H achieves impressive performance with an average PPFD of 1079/904  tested at 6 inches and 12 inches respectively.

You can find the full data sheet here.

And aIso in  this video ThinkGrow show you what the perfect spectrum for plant growth means – one that is flexible, easily manipulated, and  controllability.

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5 Years Limited Warranty:

ThinkGrow warrants its LEDs to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty term is for 5 years beginning on the date of purchase. Misuse, abuse or failure to follow instructions is not covered under this warranty. The warranty liability extends only to the replacement cost of the product. ThinkGrow will not be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages of any kind, including lost revenues, lost profits, or other losses in connection with the product. Some states (U.S.) do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. ThinkGrow will, at our discretion repair or replace its products covered under warranty if it is returned to the original place of purchase.

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