TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Control System HCS-1

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The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Control System is a professional-grade single zone environmental controller. It is fully customisable, adaptable and modularly designed. Installation is simple and the system is easy to expand upon. The Hydro-X system can control most grow lights brands, HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioners, commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers, as well as CO2 generators or regulators. With the free TrolMaster App, the user can access all of the settings and alerts on the system from anywhere at anytime.

*The HCS-1 is the brain of the Hydro-X system. It comes with a 3-in-1 Temp/Humid/Photocell sensor.

TrolMaster Hydro-x features:

Hydro-X Control System is the most intelligent and versatile environmental control system on the market. It could control up to 512 lights, 4 temperature devices, 2 humidity devices, 2 CO2 devices, 9 preprogram devices. With the incredible flexibility, anyone can easily customise their own grow room systems for maximum yield.

The system comes with a 3-in-1 sensor detecting temperature, humidity & light. A CO2 sensor is available for measuring CO2 level. When the measured value exceeds your custom setting range, a warning message will be sent to your smartphone. The system also allows for the addition of Smoke detectors  to alert you if there is a fire. Hydro-X helps you to monitor your  complete grow environments perfectly.

Hydro-X is specially designed to set up a daily lighting management for your lighting system. Having 2 separate lines allows the user to create multiple lighting layouts (and dimming sequence) based on their individual preferences. This system can efficiently control your lighting system by running a schedule with advanced functions like auto dimming, overheat shutdown, sunrise & sunset simulation.

Hydro-X can control almost all kinds of devices in your grow rooms by its 4 types of device stations. Temperature device stations, humidity device stations, CO2 device stations and program device stations are designed to be connected to different devices for centralised control. Hydro-X offers a more smart and flexible approach for the connection of the devices you want to be controlled.

Hydro-X keeps pace with the times, it has the ability to connect to the network directly with a standard network cable. After downloading the app, you can monitor and control the environment of your grow rooms anytime and anywhere. You could read the historical data by graph on your smartphone and receive warning messages if the growing environment exceeds your set points. A micro-SD card is also available for data logging if the Internet is unavailable.

Trolmaster Hydro-X Specifications:

Product Capacity

3 in 1 (temp& Humidity & Day/Night) Sensor – Max 1 pc per HSC-1

CO2 & Par Sensor – Max 1pc each per HSC-1

Smoke & Water Detectors – Max 5pcs each per HSC-1

Temp Device Stations – Max 4 pcs per HCS-1

Humidity & CO2 Device Stations – Max 2 pcs each per HCS-1

Program Device stations – Max 9pcs per HSC-1

Light Channels – 2 per HCS-1

Number of lights – Unlimited with the correct adapters


*Internet Connection Note:

TrolMaster’s main controllers can be connected to the internet in order to use the available APP. Most internet services available including land-based and cellular internet are compatible. However, HughesNet / Viasat Satellite internet is NOT compatible with TrolMaster controllers at this time.

Data Record Note:

The HCS-1 can record the data coming in from the sensors onto a CSV file. To use this feature, you must first insert a MicroSD card 32GB or less into the MicroSD slot on the bottom of the HCS-1 or NFS-1 controllers. Once the card is inserted, the unit will automatically store data so it can be viewed later.


TrolMaster Hydro-X Manual & Youtube videos:


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