Reverse Osmosis Machine

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If you grow plants, especially in a hydroponics system, the quality of the water you use is of the upmost importance. Poor water quality or hard water hinders plant growth and reduces yield.
RO machines are the easiest, most efficient way to turn poor water into pure water that is perfect for growing plants. Even the hardest water will end up with a neutral pH and with an E.C. Reading of zero after it has been filtered through an RO machine. With perfectly pure water, you will find your nutrient management becomes far easier and your plants grow far better than before.
Industrial sized RO machines are commonly used in commercial horticulture when water quality is an issue and in every case yields are improved considerably. Increases in yield of up to 30 % – 40% are common. Now with our range of hobby sized RO machines the benefits of this advanced method of water filtration are available to the home grower.
The RO machine is simple to use. It has three connections, one in and two out. The input water moves through the RO machine and is filtered, collected and stored whilst the waste water containing all the dissolved salts, particulate materials, bacteria and silica etc are collected in a waste tank or sent down the drain.
The RO machine can be permanently installed into you mains water supply or by using a Tap Connector (included) you can attach it to your tap and use it when needed.

H=400mm D=140cm W=360mm

  • Neutral pH
  • PPM reading of zero
  • Improved nutrient management
  • Improved plant health
  • Improved yields
  • Recommended for areas with hard water

3 Sizes Available:

  • 189 ltr/day
  • 475 ltr/day
  • 283 ltr/day


Weight 4.5000 kg

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