Grodan Vital Slab 1000 x 150 x 75mm

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Grodan Vital, based on the Next Generation technology, can be resaturated faster and more effectively. The water content and EC are also distributed more uniformly – not only throughout the slabs, but also amongst the individual slabs. As a result, Grodan Vital offers a wide control range to steer your crop using a simple irrigation strategy. This makes Grodan Vital the ideal solution for growers seeking a reliable substrate that facilitates easy irrigation, and leaves nothing to chance throughout the cultivation period.

Grodan Vital is extremely versatile and lends itself perfectly to the cultivation of the most important vegetable crops such as: tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and aubergines. Tomatoes can benefit from the uniform water distribution and good EC replacement offered by Grodan Vital, while sweet peppers will show fast growth, uniform stem development and early setting.

  • Length: 1 Metre
  • Single-season slab
  • Vertical fibre structure
  • Inert hydrophilic fibre (NGS) technology
  • High resaturation capacity, 66% (one day from 50%)
  • Uniform water distribution throughout the slab (incl. graph)

Grodan Vital Benefits

1. Retains sufficient water

The reliable resaturation properties of Grodan Vital ensure a wide control range for crop steering. As the slab retains sufficient moisture at all times there is no risk of the plants drying out. The improved capillary action of Grodan Vital also ensures that moisture is retained more evenly throughout the entire slab.

2. Easy irrigation

The properties of Grodan Vital enable a multi-faceted irrigation strategy by allowing growers to vary the water volume within a safe range of between 55% and 78% (day level). If insufficient water has been supplied, the slab can be resaturated quickly at any desired moment. And if too much water has been given, the slab’s properties will ensure that excess water is drained away efficiently to prevent the WC from rising too high.

3. Fast, uniform crop development

The vertical, fibrous structure of Grodan Vital enables roots to penetrate the slab easily, resulting in fast root development. Homogenous development in the root zone guarantees vigorous and uniform crop growth resulting in stronger, healthier plants. In addition, the extra firmness of the slab structure guarantees a stable root volume right up until the end of the cultivation cycle.

4. Synchronise plant and climate management

Thanks to Grodan Vital, growers can steer plant development within a narrow WC and EC bandwidth. This excellent irrigation efficiency results in a lower 24-hour drain percentage as well as a lower nutrient and energy input. These factors make it easy to synchronise various climate management strategies designed to reduce the energy input and maintain a stable substrate EC during changeable weather conditions.

5. Sustainable water and nutrient use

Grodan Next Generation fibres do not bind water or nutrients and do not require flushing at the start of the cultivation cycle. A targeted application of water and nutrients from the start of the cultivation cycle enables sustainable water and fertilizer use. In combination with other management strategies this also facilitates improved crop steering and better initial setting and fruit development – resulting in resilient plants that give high production.

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