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This category features all the hydroponic nutrient solutions, additives, growth enhancers and growing media that have been carefully selected by us over the years to suit all stages of hydroponic production from seedlings or clones to flowering/ fruiting plants. Most of our Nutrient Solutions are mineral based concentrated liquids as is the norm for high quality hydroponic gardening.

As well as refined mineral nutrient solutions we also stock organic nutrient solutions, stocking both Bio Bizz and Canna’s excellent range of organic solutions to our customers consistently. A quality nutrient solution is paramount, to the beginner it can be confusing with the seemingly endless manufacturer’s and appealing labels vying for their custom.

At Progrow we aim to educate our customers so they are better able to choose the nutrient solution that best suits their needs. Plants in simplistic terms require 16 mineral elements to photosynthesise providing these to your plants at the correct stage of growth is important for maximum results in hydroponics. All our Nutrient solutions are proven within the industry through years of research and development, innovation, advances in science and the understanding of plants. Seedlings, cuttings, vegetative plants, and flowering, fruiting plants all require nutrients tailored to their stage of growth and varietal type, therefore we are able to group the nutrients in this category as those for seedlings/cuttings, vegetative plants, flowering plants, and additives and growth enhancers for all stages of growth.

Solutions for seedlings and cuttings will contain a somewhat even balance of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium enabling growth evenly throughout the plant from root to apical tip, growth enhancers and additives may be incorporated into these solutions. Growth Technology have always been industry leaders in providing nutrient solutions particularly tailored to this stage of growth from Clonex, Formulex and green fuse root you can be sure all their products are well proven. From the above-mentioned stage nutrient solutions fall in to two categories, those for vegetative stage of growth and for flowering/fruiting stage and then further into single part nutrient solutions and two part nutrient solutions. Some manufacturers do it differently to great effect most notably industry leaders General Hydroponics Europe, their 3 part nutrient consisting of a ‘FloraGrow’, ‘Flora-Micro’, and ‘Flora-Bloom’ basis is well renowned around the world for its consistency, quality, and proven results in delivering all the elements needed to your plants in hydroponic systems. Canna is a name that cannot go unmentioned in our range of nutrient solutions, Progrow has stocked Canna’s professional range of nutrients and additives since our inception, recognising their adherence to the science of plant growth and thus providing the fundamental structure to support that with their range of products. You can be sure if your choice of nutrient for your hydroponic project is Canna that you are well covered in providing your plants all they could need in an indoor hydroponic garden. Progrow over the years have sought to keep the list of nutrients we stock as refined as possible, as stated with so many brands offering so much choice and promise of larger yields it can be an unfathomable world for a beginner. As well as those mentioned we choose quality formulated nutrient solutions from Plant Magic nutrients, Mills, Dutch pro, House and Garden, Vitalink, and CX Horticulture and have soil specific liquid nutrients and additives from the OMRI listed Bio Bizz, and Guano Kalong. Most if not all manufacturers will have their own range of additives from root stimulators such as the excellent Regen a Root from CX Horticulture, to high nitrogen growth additives many containing seaweed extracts, through to flowering additives to enhance the flowering/fruiting of your plants. For the beginner we advocate keeping it simple, great results can be achieved from a 1 part nutrient, a root stimulator and a high PK flowering booster. The addition of additives should be carried out gradually and singularly per crop so as to afford time to observe any benefits to your final yield. You will find additives containing specific elements such as Canna’s range of ‘Mono’ additives, B1 provided by additives such as ‘Superthrive’, Silicon additives, magnesium and calcium or mag-cal, flowering additives like Bloombastic and Mycorrhizae products that are well proven and beneficial to plant growth, health and vigour. Mycorrhizae products deserve a special mention a relative new group of additives used in hydroponics has grown out of the discoveries of their benefits to plant health. Mycorrhizal Fungi, trichoderma and bacteria perform symbiotic relationships with your plants and the nutrients they utilise, growing in association with the roots in a mildly pathogenic relationship. Great White’s premium concentrated formula aids colonisation of root systems by the fungi and happy returning customers for the product speaks volumes. Specific information about each additive and enhancer we sell is provided with each product, our products chosen on the simple proviso that they are backed by science and add the benefit they claim to, but should you have any query regarding which additive might be right for your nutrient solution please consult us, we are more than happy to help. Growing media covers all the essentials of good quality stable media for your hydroponic garden. Progrow have a good range of coco fibre growth media from propagation cubes to pallet quantities, perlite, rockwool, expanded clay pebbles, and soil media from Bio-Bizz. The growing media you choose is determined by the system you are using to a degree, rock wool is the basis of nutrient film technique (NFT), clay pebbles more suited to flood and drain or drip systems, and coco fibre automated drip feed systems. Stocking growth media from industry leaders such as Canna, Bio-Bizz, Plagron, and Gold Label all our growth media is available in quantity discounts available for delivery or collection from either of our stores.