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Canna Coco Professional Plus peat has quickly become an extremely popular growing medium that falls somewhere between soil growing and hydroponics. It offers many advantages over either method and is highly recommended for beginners or for anyone looking for a change of system.

Canna Coco the Benefits:

Coco peat is the leftover material after the fibres have been removed from the outermost shell (bolster) of the coconut. CANNA, a notorious pioneer, was impressed by the potentials of this product. After many years of research, CANNA successfully created a new medium complete with a special coco nutrient solution. During its launch, CANNA was the first company to introduce RHP certified CANNA COCO to the market.

  • Gives unbeatable protection at the root zone
  • Unlike soil, it will not compact over time
  • Is rich with beneficial microbes
  • Has the ability to hold and release nutrients as the plant requires
  • Requires constant feeding like hydroponics so can be feed more precisely that soil
  • Drains well. No need to add anything to assist drainage.
  • Is really tolerant of mistakes!
  • 100% biodegradable

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More Information:

The rise of COCO in hydroponics

After its introduction to rose cultivation in 1986, it became clear that coco could be an ideal growing medium for root development, resulting in stronger crops. Unfortunately, the success with roses could not be repeated with all crops. The quality of the coco material was not constant and there was an enormous lack of coco cultivation knowledge.

In 1993 the need for alternatives for peat moss and other media, like rock wool, increased, CANNA started its first experiments with coco. This did not directly result in a marketable product, the insights of ‘specialists’ appeared to be conflicting and there was no answer to practical coco cultivation problems. To determine the coco potentials in an objective way, the only option for CANNA was to do the pioneering work itself. Two years later, CANNA launched CANNA COCO and this initiated the first coco product on the consumer market (Germany, 1996).

After the successful introduction of CANNA COCO to the German market,  it was soon after launched in the Netherlands in 1997. Then by the end of 2000 almost 35% of the rose acreage and 40% of the strawberry acreage in the Netherlands was cultivated on coco substrate.

We can confirm that coco has acquired a definitive place among the other mediums. CANNA sees a growth pattern of 15% per annum until 2015 for the total coco market. For an increased number of potting mix mixtures, the characteristics of coco are favourable due to the ease of rooting, the large water-retaining capacity in combination with a good drainage, and the high stability of the material.

You can learn even more about Canna coco from this excellent info paper;

canna coco infopaper

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