TrolMaster Converter Cable Set RJ12 to 3.5 Jack (ECS-2)

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The trolMaster Converter Cable Set RJ12 to 3.5mm Jack (ECS-2) Extension Cable Set is designed to connect Trolmaster Hydro-X and to most LED drivers with a pigtail wiring connection. The ECS-2 comes with a 16 ft RJ12 cable, a Y-splitter and a special 4 ft RJ12 / 3.5mm jack cable. The special cable connects to your lighting fixture / LED driver using the two-screw terminal block to connect to loose wires on the LED driver. Simply connect the two wires from your LED driver to the terminal block, each of the lights being controlled are wired in a “daisy-chain” configuration back to the Hydro-X LMA adapter.

The TrolMaster Converter Cable Set contents & Spec:

  • 1 x 16 ft RJ12 Cable
  • 1 x 4 ft RJ12 to 3.5 Jack Cable
  • 1 x T-shaped Splitter
  • 1 x 3.5mm Female Barrel Connector
  • Packaging Dimensions:                      156mm(L) x 83mm(W) x 30mm(H)
  • Approx. G.W. per pack:                        0.18kgs

The ECS-2 Cut Sheet: ECS-2+Cut+Sheet_White


Weight 1.0000 kg


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