TrollMaster Temperature Humidity Station (TSH-1)

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The Trolmaster Temperature Humidity Station (TSH-1) is a 0-10 volt analog output control station that works with the HCS-1, HCS-2 and HCS-3 controllers. The TSH-1 can be configured to control either a temperature or a humidity device that requires a variable 0-10 volt input signal.

The TSH-1 is capable of controlling variable speed fans, vents or any other device that accepts a 0-10 volt input. It features separate day and night “idle” speed settings built-into the TrolMaster TSH-1 as well as separate Day / Night setpoints accessed through the HCS controller.

TrolMaster Temperature Humidity station (TSH-1) Features & Specification:

  • Analog 0-10v control of temperature / relative humidity
  • LCD Display, Easy Operation
  • Separate day & Night settings
  • Seamless connectivity with Hydro-X controllers
  • Control devices based on Temperature or humidity

Output Voltage:                        0-10 V

Maximum Current:                   1A

Working Environment:             Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90%

Packaging Dimensions:           160mm(L) x 86mm(W) x 86mm(H)

How To use the TrolMaster Temperature Humidity Station (TSH-1): 

Simply select your desired temperature or humidity stop point The set points for the Day and Night and the TrolMaster temperature Humidity station will control that devices variable speed or opening % based on the stop point and Day /Night set points.

There is no need to provide power supply for the TSH-1 unit. it can be connected to the Hydro-X controller with standard RJ123 data cable.

The LCD screen of the TSH-1 will display the set point for temperature or humidity level as well as the %/speed the device is operating at. Controlling any device that uses a 0-10 vdc signal, the device controls temperature or humidity by adjusting the variable speed fan or vents or other devices.

Temperature/ Humidity set point: The suer is able to select Day & Night set point within the Hydro-X to determine the range speed of control. The setpoint is where the TSH-1 will begin to modulate the speed of the fan.


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