Sol-Digital 18w UV+Far Red Supplementary Bar Led Twin Pack

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The Sol-Digital 18w UV+Far Red Supplementary LED Bars are an innovative addition to your Adjusta-Watt® Retro LED lighting setup. These supplementary light fittings are designed to seamlessly attach to the Adjusta-Watt® Retro LED 720w. This addition enhances the growing spectrum with Far Red and Ultra Violet light. Shown to aid in the suppression of mould, insects, improving plant quality and the final ripening process.

Experience simplicity at its best – just clip the light bars onto the frame of the Adjusta-Watt® Retro LED using the two included hanging attachments. Join and power multiple units in-line with the 40cm link cables included in each package.


  • Boost Ultra Violet and Far Red light output
  • Supplied in packs of two
  • Hanging attachment and 40cm link cable included
  • 120 Degree Beam Angle
  • Easy to connect to “Adjust-a-watt Retro LED”
  • Hang alongside your existing lights
  • 395nm UV + 450nm Blue + 730nm FR LEDs
  • Lifetime: Up to 50,000 hours

Why use UV and Far Red Supplementation:

Uv supplementation in an indoor grow environment benefits plants by preventing bacteria and micro organisms. Secondarily it improves the plants ability to fight disease.Plants can produce up to 15 different variant defense proteins as soon as they are exposed to UV light.

In LED grow lights can not only increase yield, but also improves the nutritional quality of plants. Utilising UVA supplementation not only stimulates biomass production in controlled environments, but also enhances secondary metabolite accumulation.

The UV light(UVA About 10µmol/m²/s)increases production of secondary metabolites. Terpenes, flavonoids and beneficial oils are shown to be increased.

UV light promotes the development and growth of plant rhizomes and improves branching. It is very important to enhance the quality of rhizomes during the seedling and vegetative growth stages of plants.

UV light can also increase the root mass of your plants whilst also increasing vegetative branching with less stretching. Leading to tighter internodes, and a heavier harvest.


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