LUXX 645w LED Pro V3 (Foldable)

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The LUXX 645w LED  was built on the principle of design, test & repeat. The LUXX 645 LED PRO has been developed by assessing SMD (Surface Mount Device) chips and drivers from leading manufacturers in controlled test applications and cultivation facilities for +3 years. This fixture is built on that research based on real world results.

The LUXX 645 LED PRO is made up of horticulture whites and Osram reds. The respective companies lead the field in LED R&D, delivering high efficiency, reliability & diode performance. The LUXX 645 LED PRO deploys a lens angle of 120 degrees, from a 6 bar design, with a total of 2,226 diodes.10ft 240v cord NEMA 6-15P (120v cord available upon request).

The version 3 from LUXX includes a newly designed folding system to reduce the size/surface area of the unit when needed

LUXX 645 LED PRO Features: 

  • 10ft 240v cord NEMA 6-15P with a 240-110v plug adapter

The LUXX 645 LED PRO features manual and auto power adjustment. Delivering the flexibility to dim the unit down to 40% total power for lower photon intensity, without affecting the quality of the spectrum.

Weight 20.0000 kg


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