G.A.S. Hyper Fan Digital EC Fan Controller

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The Hyperfan Controller is a multiphase digital fan controller, purpose-built for environmental climate control by Global Air Supplies. It works perfectly with both the classic Hyperfan and Stealth Hyperfan range.

An update on the original Hyperfan Speed Controller that comes with the fan as standard, the Phresh Hyperfan Controller uses intuitive technology to react to changes in temperature within your environment and regulate itself to keep your space at the optimal condition to maximise your yields.

The Hyperfan Controller uses RTT (Reactive Temperature Technology) to self-regulate environment temperatures. RTT works by acknowledging any rise or fall in temperatures using the temperature readings from the monitor probe and reacting to these changes by speeding up or slowing down accordingly to heat up or cool down your room. This means temperature spikes in your environment are a thing of the past.

The GAS Fan Controller can also be used to control multiple fans if purchased with a splitter cable.

Setting up the GAS Hyperfan Controller is simple. They’re custom built to plug into an ECM fan motor and be used straight away with no fiddly wiring them in. Just plug in the Hyperfan Controller to your Hyperfan or Stealth Hyperfan, then use the right-hand dial to set your desired temperature and the left to set the minimum speed. Just place the temperature probe in the centre of your room, just above the plant canopy to get accurate readings of your climate.

  • Designed to work with the Phresh Hyperfan and Phresh Stealth Hyperfan range
  • Made by Global Air Supplies
  • Works in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Intuitive temperature technology reacts to changes in climate
  • Self-regulating to maintain optimum conditions
  • Ability to control single and twin fan set ups with splitter cable (purchased separately)
  • Thermostatic control with RTT
  • Water spray resistant with an IP55 rating – safe to use in spaces with high humidity
  • Temperature monitored probe fitted with 5.5m cable to suit any sized space
  • Wall mountable
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