IWS System 6-48 Pot

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The IWS System 6-48 Pot is a modular Ebb and Flood system that is great for growing medium to large sized plants and for covering a large growing area with a single system. One large reservoir supplies the nutrient to each module and the IWS ‘Brain’ takes care of feeding cycles making it very simple to use. The containers can be laid out to suit your growing area and repositioned during the growing cycle if necessary. The system can be increased or decreased in size by adding or removing modules as required. We recommend 4 growing containers for every 600w light used.

  • Greater uptake of water and nutrients than with hand watering.

  • Root zone completely oxygenated several times a day.

  • Free draining root zone means no nutrient build up or water-logging.


  • Bigger Yields – Consistently feeding little and often, combined with a highly oxygenated root zone, means healthier plants and higher yields.
  • Adaptability – Experienced growers can control the number and duration of feeds to suit their specific growing environment and maximise yields.
  • Flexibility – System can be extended in size and a large area can be covered with just one nutrient reservoir to maintain.

Kit Contents (based on the amount of Pots chosen):

  • 1 x IWS 100ltr flexitank (6 Pot), 220ltr flexitank (12-24 Pots), 400ltr flexitank (36-48 Pots) Tank Assembly
  • 1 x IWS Complete Control Head Brain & Timer
  • 6-48 x IWS Outer Pot
  • 6-48 x IWS Inner Pot
  • 6-48 x IWS Universal Sealing Gland
  • 6-48 x IWS Universal Elbow
  • 6-48 x IWS Universal Straights
  • 6-48 x IWS Universal Stand
  • 6-48 x IWS Universal Tee
  • FLEXI Supply Tube 16mm o.d (1/2ins)
  • Full instructions
Weight 17.4400 kg

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