Green Power Eco-Switch

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The Eco-Switch is a failsafe heavy duty contactor with a built in timer designed to safely automate the ignition of HID lighting systems. Simply plug your grow lights into the Eco-Switch, set the timer and your lighting system is ready to go.

  • Just one plug socket needed. Cut down on unnecessary cables.
  • Heavy duty contactor for 100% reliability
  • Built in Grasslin timer for ease of use and accurate timing of lighting cycles
  • External cable is manufactured from rubber neoprene HO7RNF
  • Manufactured to BS EN 6598-1
  • 2 year warranty on all components so long as it has not been tampered with or altered in any way.

Green Power Eco-Switch 2/T
Designed to safely switch: 2 x 250w lights or 2 x 400w lights or 2 x 600w lights or 2 x 1000w lights.

Green Power Eco-Switch 4/T
Designed to safely switch: 4 x 250w lights or 4 x 400w lights or 4 x 600w lights or 4 x 1000w lights.

Green Power Eco-Switch 6/T
Designed to safely switch: 6 x 250w lights or 6 x 400w lights or 6 x 600w lights or 4 x 1000w lights.

Green Power Eco-Switch 8/T
Designed to safely switch: 8 x 250w lights or 8 x 400w lights or 7 x 600w lights or 4 x 1000w lights (two on each side of the unit).

Weight 1.9500 kg

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