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Fans and filters all play a key part in dialling in that environment.  Progrow carry everything you need to be able to convince the growers plants they are living in their native land and thrive.

Fans and filters are a crucial part of an indoor hydroponic grow room. The biggest common problem for indoor growers is the heat generated by the powerful lighting regularly used to replicate the sun.  This is where an extractor fan comes in to pull the hot air out. This will need to be pulled through a carbon filter to scrub the air of particles and odours that the grower doesn’t want to escape the grow room or grow tent. Extractor or in-line fans as they are often referred to, can also bee used to push cool fresh air into the grow space (known as an intake fan) as well as provide more environmental control (especially when used with a fan speed controller). Filter boxes attached to intake fans provide protection against dust/pests being dragged in.

Choosing the correct extraction system for your space, intended light source and amount is crucial to maintaining a suitable environment. Another consideration is the noise sensitivity levels of where the grow space is intended to be installed. Progrow supply a wide range of inline fans to suit all uses and requirements including add-ons such as inline silencers to keep that noise down as low as possible.

Carbon filters need to be matched to the flow rate of the fan attached to them to ensure they work efficiently so Progrow have created some kits that are perfectly matched to take the guess work for you.

Circulation Fans within the grow room prevent hot spots under lights and areas of stale air which help to strengthen the plants as they grow. Progrow carry everything from small clip on fans for small tents to huge powerful pedestal fans that could have you off your bike!

Progrow Supply inline fans and filters from SystemAir, CarboAir, Iso-Max, Phresh and Rhino providing a complete range offering that we truly believe in.