Secret Jardin Monkey Fan Oscillating 20W

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This handy little fan will actually clip to the bars of your grow tent and oscillate without touching on the tent walls!

Easily positioned into the best place, it will not slip or fall down the poles.

Compatible with grow tent tubes: Ø16 to Ø21 mm
Easy to install
Easy to adjust in height
Metal Grid
Engine 100% Copper

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimension W x H x D: 21 × 20 × 21 cm
Grid Diameter : 21 cm
Propeller Diameter : 17 cm
Tent size: Up to 3 m2
Speeds Rotation: 1500 & 2300 rpm
Wind speed at 70 cm: 2.0 m / s
Voltage: 198-264 V / 50Hz
Power: 20 W
Cable & Plug: Cable length 240 cm

Weight 2.1000 kg


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