Water Tank Right Angled

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The Water Tank Right Angled is a robust square sided tank, these classic Dutch style nutrient reservoirs are extensively used by growers. They are high volume, low level and made from food grade, light proof black plastic that will not react with the nutrient solution. These water tanks are also pretty indestructible, they are not made from brittle plastic!


60 Litres:
L  775mm x  W 390mm x H 290mm
Weight: 2.1kg

85 Litres:
L 795mm x W 485mm x H 300mm
Weight: 2.28kg

160 Litres:
L 890mm x W 635mm x  H 820mm
Weight: 2.8kg

220 Litres:

L 880mm x W 630mm x H 510mm


Weight 2.1000 kg

60ltr, 85ltr, 160ltr, 220ltr

1 review for Water Tank Right Angled

  1. Paul Ireland

    Reordered from a previous order! Unfortunately they have changed suppliers so it was a totally different size tank!
    Would of helped if they had changed item number..

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