Uplift Fan 12ins

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Robust Uplift Fan with a 12 inch diameter, as the name suggest works best distributing air by being pointed upwards. Perfect for the grow room environment the metal cage cocoons and protects the blades. Moving air within your grow room is essential. Plants respire continually through the process of transpiration, as such stagnant air becomes toxic to the plant. The best grow room environments rely on a continuous supply of ‘fresh air’ that is evenly distributed throughout the grow room and then expelled. These powerful oscillating fans provide a great solution to the distribution of air effectively. They can be used on the floor or even mounted to walls or ceilings with some creativity and cable ties!

Uplift fan 12ins Features and specification:

Size:  300mm

Power:  55W

Voltage:  220-240v AC, 50Hz

Speed: 3 fan speed settings

360 degree tilt adjustment

Quiet operation

Finger safe mesh grill

Easy to use, no assembly needed

Fitted with 1.8m power cord



Weight 3.0000 kg


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