Under Canopy Lights Link Cable 120w

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Under Canopy Lights Link Cable 120w. This is a 3’ Daisy Chain Power Extension Cable for Undercanopy lights from Craft Farmer.

Whether you are connecting rows together or need to extend your power cable, this universal power cable is what you need!

Under Canopy Lights 120w will help you unleash the true potential of your crops with our revolutionary under-canopy lights. Designed to optimise growth and maximise yields, this state-of-the-art lighting technology will redefine the way you cultivate plants.

🌱 Unlock Hidden Potential: Take your cultivation to the next level by illuminating the often-neglected under-canopy area. Our advanced lights penetrate deep into the plant canopy, stimulating lower bud sites and promoting even, robust growth from top to bottom.

🌿 Amplify Yields: Experience remarkable increases in yield and harvest quality. Our under-canopy lights deliver the perfect balance of spectrum, intensity, and coverage, ensuring that every bud receives the attention it deserves.

🔬 Scientifically Engineered: Developed through meticulous research and testing, our lights are backed by scientific principles. We have carefully fine-tuned the spectrum to optimise production.

🌞 Energy-Efficient Design: We understand the importance of sustainability. Our under-canopy lights are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, minimising power consumption without compromising on performance. Save on energy costs while achieving exceptional results.

🔒 Durability and Reliability: Crafted with durability in mind, our lights withstand the demanding conditions of commercial cultivation. With a focus on reliability, Under Canopy Lights 120w will provide consistent performance, harvest after harvest.


Weight 12.0000 kg


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