Trolmaster Hydro-X 4-in-1 Sensor (MBS-PRO)

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The TrolMaster Hydro-X 4-in-1 sensor (MBS-PRO) combines a precision air temperature, humidity, CO2 (PPM) sensor and photocell to create the perfect all-in-one environmental sensor. It is designed for both Hydro-X Pro and Hydro-X Plus systems.

Assembled using a new water-resistant plastic injected enclosure, the MBS-PRO can be placed in multiple locations throughout the growing area to provide spot measurements from multiple sensors (Up to 50 sensors can be connected to the Hydro-X Pro) The sensors can then be used together (averaged) or separately in order to control a specific section of the grow area by assigning a sensor to a specific control device.

The MBS-PRO features a built-in LCD display to show the current conditions of that sensor which provide the ease of onsite monitoring. It also features a new “push-lock” connection to make installation easy.

Please Note: The MBS-Pro requires the SPH-1 for supplemental power.

“Sensors should remain dry and clean to prevent premature failure. Do not spray foreign substances or allow water / condensate on the sensors”


Input Voltage:                                             0~11.5V
Maximum Current:                                       0.2A
Working Environment:                                  Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90%
Package Dimensions(L*W*H):                       275mm X 164mm X 62mm


Weight 1.0000 kg


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