TrolMaster EC Fan Control Adaptor (EFC1)

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TrolMaster EC Fan Control Adaptor (EFC1) is specifically designed for TrolMaster’s Tent-X control system. With the use of the EFC-1 adaptor, TrolMaster’ s Tent-X controller is capable of controlling most fan systems on the market. The EFC-1 uses low-volt control option in order to communicate with the Tent-X and allow the signals to pass through. You can connect the EFC-1 adaptor simply by inserting the RJ12 cable into the devices line on the Tent-X Controller. Once you connect two EFC-1 adaptors, the Tent-X controller will automatically address the Exhaust Fan (F1) and Intake Fan (F2). You can also select whether your fan is an EC fan or a PWM fan by pressing the button on the adaptor itself. You can then connect the appropriate fans to each of the EFC-1 adaptors. This will then enable you to start controlling your fans using the Tent-X Controller.


  • LCD Display for PWN
  • 0-10V Mode Addressing
  • Seamless Connection with Tent-X Main Controller and EC Fan
  • Plug & Play

Package Content:

  • 1x EC Fan Control Adapter
  • 1x RJ12 to Female Barrel Cable

For the TrolMaster EC Fan Control Adaptor (EFC1) Spec Sheet – please click here.

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