TopSpin Dripper Kit 16mm (1/2ins) Low Pressure

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The TopSpin Dripper Kit is a high quality pressure regulated drip irrigation system that makes it easy to feed plants using either one or two drippers per plant.

It is very easy to set up and can be assembled to suit the size and layout of your garden and can be easily extended should the size of your garden increase.

6 – 12 plants- Maximum area of coverage: 1200 x 1200mm
12 – 24 plants- Maximum area of coverage: 1200 x 2400mm
18 – 36 plants- Maximum area of coverage: 1200 x 3600mm
24 – 48 plants- Maximum area of coverage: 2400 x 2400mm

Bigger yields-Plants take up more water and nutrients than hand watering in pots as they are fed little and often.
More choice-Grow in soil, coco, clay pebbles or rockwool.
Less hassle-Low maintenance. Only one nutrient reservoir for up to 48 plants. Far easier than hand watering.

Kit Contents
Maxijet MJ1000 (6 – 12 plants) OR Hailea HX4500 2000ltr/hr (12-48 plants)
Elbow Barbed 16mm,
Tee barbed 16mm,
Non-return Valve Barbed 16mm,
Flexi Supply Tube 16mm per 1m,
Inline Filter Barbed 16mm,
Anti-siphon Valve Barbed,
Topspin Dripper Manifold with Barbed Elbow 16mm.

Tips from the experts.
If using an absorbent medium like coco fibre or soil, you can either run the excess nutrient to waste or re-circulate. If you wish to run to waste (recommended) allow approximately 30% run off and discard. If you wish to re-circulate, minimise the amount of runoff, change the nutrient reservoir at least once a week and flush pots periodically.
If using clay pebbles always re-circulate the nutrient solution. Top up your reservoir every few days with a half strength nutrient solution. Keep drippers on constantly throughout the light cycle and once for 15 minutes half way through the dark cycle. Replace nutrient solution weekly.

Weight 1.2100 kg

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