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Extra Potash = Extra Weight
NPK ratio 0-9-18
Superior Potash is a high quality boost that adds finished weight to your harvest. You will notice that your plants stay shorter, stockier and develop denser flower clusters than they do using other PK formulations. When choosing a PK flowering additive to use in your system Superior Potash is the best there is and should be used as part of any flowering programme where maximum weight is required.
Use at 1ml per litre throughout the bloom cycle.

Manufacturers Information
For increasing finished weight
Are you looking for heavier flowers? You’ve grown your crop through the vegetative stage and now you are ready to turn the lights down and let it begin its flowering stage. It is now, after the framework of the plant has been set during the vegetative period, that there is a massive surge in the plant’s requirement for more potassium to develop flowers. It is at this point that potassium in the solution can drop to critical levels. Plants are very adaptable, however and in the case of lowered potassium availability, will simply slow down their growth rate to match the available potassium. However, who wants the growth rate to slow down? It just means a smaller crop. And who wants to be changing their solution every couple of days just to make sure that there is enough potassium in it?

The answer is Superior Potash. Manufactured to exacting standards using our exclusive Hot Mix technology, Superior Potash will give you the peace of mind of knowing that the product is of the highest quality.

So why don’t we just put all of this extra potassium in the nutrient mix? We can’t, really, for two reasons. The most important is that everybody’s system is different. We make the nutrients to cope with a wide range of conditions and if we put in the extra potassium, some systems could become quickly out of balance. Adding the extra potassium is really fine tuning and we can’t assume that everybody’s plants are growing in the same way. Problems could occur because systems are managed by conductivity rather than chemical analysis. The second problem is a chemical one. Concentrated nutrients start to behave differently as the concentration increases and can start to ‘salt out’ under some conditions. We therefore maintain normal concentrations and recommend Superior Potash as an addition to your normal fertilizing regime.

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