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The Sunblaster LED is designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity. While providing the best possible lighting for all indoor growing applications. Sure to be as popular as the now discontinued T5 Fluorescent fixtures. These LEDs are also perfect for propagation growth and the growing of micro greens and herbs. Sunblasters Self- Cooling Technology allows their engineers to push SunBlaster LED Strip Lights to maximize their output without creating excess heat, or wasting resources running cooling fans.

NEW PRISMATIC LENS LED STRIP LIGHTS. These high efficiency LED lights produce up to 20% higher light output by using a more efficient LED array. The light passes through a prism that focusses the light into a 90 degree beam angle rather than the usual 120-degree output. This brings more light energy to the plant canopy and stimulates faster growth.

Sunblaster LED Key Benefits:

  • Long life, high performance LED
  • High Power Factor – Extremely efficient
  • Sleek, rugged aluminium housing
  • Self-Cooling Technology – Low heat
  • Dust and splash resistant
  • Zero Mercury content
  • Silent operation

Sizes Available:

30cm, (12”) SBH Prismatic Lens LED 12W HO Strip Light 6400K 6/24

45cm, (18”) SBH Prismatic Lens LED 18W HO Strip Light 6400K 6/24

60cm, (24”) SBH Prismatic Lens LED 24W HO Strip Light 6400K 6/24

90cm, (36”) SBH Prismatic Lens LED 36W HO Strip Light 6400K 6/12

120cm, (48”) SBH Prismatic Lens LED 48W HO Strip Light 6400K 6/12

Operating your LED Strip Light:

  • Ensure adequate airflow around your lighting at all times.
  • Use 18 gauge AWG extension cords only.
  • You can interconnect up to 8 LED Strip Lightsif needed via the linking cords provided.
  • Do not expose to water, drip or spray lines.
  • Do not connect more than 8 units together into one outlet.
  • Do not force connections, they go one way only, make sure they are in correctly.
  • Do not look directly into lights while running.

Operating Tips:

If you are using hanging clips, clip one hanging clip to both ends of the LED Strip Light and suspend the light in the desired position.

If you are using flush mounting clips, screw the mounting clips to the mounting surface and clip the LED Strip Light into the mounting clips. Be sure to choose an appropriate length screw.

Connect the power cord to the male end of the LED Strip Light.

Make sure the cords are firmly pushed into place and do not feel loose. Use the switch on the cord to turn the lights ON or OFF, or utilize a timer.

Link It cords can be used to connect up to 8 lights to a single power cord. Connect the female end of the LED Strip Light to the male end of the next light, and so on.


  • LED Strip Light – 6400K
  • 6’ power cord with on/off switch
  • 14” Link Cord
  • Hanging and flat surface mounting clips
Weight 0.5000 kg

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