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The SpinPro trimmer is one of the most helpful and innovative inventions since sliced bread! The trimmer greatly reduces the time it takes to remove unwanted materials from your crop (Ten times faster), this allows you to get on with more important jobs. The SpinPro Trimmer is made from a high quality medical grade stainless steel casing making it virtually indestructible. It also contains rubber fingers that help turn the crop within the trimmer which is also a high quality food grade rubber. The SpinPro Trimmer has no mechanical working parts so its simple to use and can be used by almost anyone! All you have to do is turn the handle and the SpinPro does the rest!

How does it work?
When your Trimmer arrives, you will open the box to two metal bowls, this is the top and bottom half of the SpinPro Trimmer. The lower half contains the metal grill and trimming wires that are simple to fit on with the provided equipment. The top half contains the rubber fingers that help move the product around when moving the trimmer. The top also has a rubber seal around the rim just to stop any material coming out and to give the trimmer an air tight seal stopping any knocks or wobbles from opening the SpinPro while turning. The rotatable handle that will be in the box will then need to be attached. This is connected to the vertical spindle inside the top half of the SpinPro. Once attached this will control the trimming wire and move it around inside the bowl.

Once everything has been fitted and set up, you’re ready to go! Plant material can now be placed on the grill attached to the lower bowl. Once placed, the top half of the bowl should be fastened on top and the turning of the handle can commence. After a few turned all the sides of the material will get trimmed.

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