• Ability to control up to 300 lights with a single controller.
  • Control 2 independent zones – 150 lights/garden with different lighting technologies (i.e: DE and/or CMH)

Run 2 Independent Light Cycles (2 zones)

  • Light cycles A & B can run on completely independent schedules with different models.
  • Perfect for controlling both a vegetative room and flower room simultaneously.

Standard & Asynchronous timer capability

  • Ability to set the timer based on either standard 24 hours or non-24 hour days.
  • Replicate natural daylight hours or shorten your harvest by using the asynchronous timer.

Integrate Industry’s most Precise Temperature Monitoring

  • Connect up to 50 temperature sensors per controller (25 per zone) for the most accurate plant canopy temperature monitoring available.

High Temperature Auto Dim & Shut off

  • Set custom parameters to safely auto dim & auto shutoff. If any of the temperature sensors exceeds the set point, corrective action will immediately take place.

Customize Sunrise, Sunset, and Cloud Mode Options

  • Provide your garden with a gentle start and a peaceful end of day with sunrise & sunset simulation control.
  • Replicate nature and benefit from energy savings by activating Cloud Mode.

Data Log Tracks Garden Activity & Events

  • Data Log keeps track of all activity & events. Record your garden start / end events as well as be alerted to any faults or warnings.

Exclusive Functions & Features

  • The Solis Tek Digital lighting controller is equipped with exclusive SolisTek features and is one of the easiest and most effective controllers to use on the market.