SMSCOM Nutrimatic Drip Irrigation Timer Mk2

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The Nutrimatic is a part pre-programmed pump timer that is perfect for use in drip irrigation systems. It is the first precision seconds timer that adjusts the frequency of the irrigation cycles to match the plants requirements. You set the number of seconds you want each dose to last, and the timer takes care of the frequency of the doses so you don’t need to worry about when or how often you should be feeding.

Simply select 12/12 or 18/6 and the number of seconds required for each irrigation and that’s it. You’re job is done. The timer will then allow 20 feeds per cycle, but more frequently during the beginning of the cycle when the lights first come on and the plants require more water and nutrients, and then less frequently moving towards the end of the cycle allowing the plants to absorb the nutrient and water before the lights go off. Simple and perfect!
Pre-programmed irrigations per cycle. You set 18/6 or 12/12 then set the seconds and this is how the timer will deliver.

18/6 light cycle:
2 x every 15mins
Followed by:
5 x every 30mins
Followed by:
9 x every 60mins
Followed by:
4 x every 120mins
9 x every 15mins
Followed by:
7 x every 30mins
Followed by:
2 x every 60mins
Followed by:
2 x every 120min

  • No guess work needed/ set the seconds and the timer does the rest!
  • Timer delivers nutrient in a pattern that matches the way plants feed.
  • Max Wattage 2000w
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