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Zenzym is a multi-enzyme product that recycles your worn-out growing media by giving new energy with swift breakdown of dead root matter and other untoward residue left from previous grows. 

When your media is used for the full length of the growing cycle, it will undoubtedly be left with debris and old plant matter shed by that harvest. Zenzym gives your media a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chance at life. Zenzym consists of a mixture of cellulase, xylanase, pectinase and glucanase for the breakdown of dead root material and releases nutrients for the plant while promoting root growth.   

Key Features:

  • Aids in keeping recirculating systems clean and increases life of pumps and other equipment.
  • Destroys harmful organisms that live off nutrient flows to your plant, making nutrient uptake more efficient.
  • Designed to work between a pH of 3-6.5, perfect for hydroponic systems and root-zone, but will remain effective up to a pH of 7.
  • Helps to prevent high pressure dripper blockages and pump blockages from bio-film formations.

How to use it:

Suitable for all types of growing media and is suited for growers that use active hydroponics or fertigation systems. Use in conjunction with your regular nutrients. This is a bio-stimulant and is not a complete feed.

Root Feed – Add at a rate of 2.5ml/L to your watering can or reservoir and start applying as soon as you have planted out and throughout until harvest. Works immediately.

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