Shogun Fertilisers – Samurai Hydro Grow

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Shogun Samurai Hydro is a complete 2 Part soft water grow and bloom hydroponic nutrient. Samurai Hydro is created from a blend of ingredients to make sure it compliments & enhances the existing Shogun additive range. It includes the revolutionary SmartZen ingredient which are the latest technology to support nutrients uptake.

Key Features

  • Supports all stages of growth with a high grade balanced nutrient.
  • Perfectly suited to be used along side SHOGUN additives for seamless integration.
  • Contains SmartZen Yield Maximiser ingredient which increase yields by up to 8% above standard NPK formulas.
  • Superior plant performance with SmartZen as it boosts nutrient uptake and transport.

Dilution Rate: 1-4ml/L

Use throughout the full growth stage.

Available in: 1ltr, 5ltr & 10ltr

Weight 2.2000 kg

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