Shogun Fertilisers – Dragon Force

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Shogun Dragon Force is a final flowering feed which is designed to be used in the final two weeks just before harvest. It will provide your plants with a final boost before harvest. Dragon Force will force your plants fruit & flowers to add weight and make sure their fully ripen. It works like an extra gear for your plants by giving your plants a boost that increase production dramatically at a time when most growth slows down.


Key Features

  • Replaces your Bloom & PK products during the final two weeks.
  • Encourage plants to add on additional yield through ripening stimulation.
  • Ensures fruits and flowers are fully ripe and reach their maximum potential.
  • Great value as it replaces nutrients and PK additives completely.

Dilution Rate: 4ml/L

Use 10- 14 days prior to harvest for 5-7 days.

Available in: 250ml, 1ltr & 5ltr

Weight 0.3000 kg

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