The Rope Ratchet Hangers’ are one of the neatest and useful grow room gadgets to come to the market.

It is a simple pulley system that allows you to raise and lower anything; from lightweight Euro reflectors to the heaviest air-cooled shades and large Carbon Filters.
A single pair of hangers can support an impressive 86kgs!

Each pack contains two hangers; each hanger has two sets of carabineer clips, one is simply tied to the end of the rope, this can attach to any secure object such as a ceiling hook or the hanging bars on the inside of a grow tent, and the other carabineer is attached to the ratchet mechanism. This end is normally attached to the reflector or carbon filter (or whatever you wish to raise and lower.)

Once fitted, you simply pull the free end of rope to raise your attached item, then press the release switch on the side of the ratchet and your gear comes gliding smoothly back down again.
Rope Ratchet Hangers pull tight, lock in place and will never break, slip or rust!!