Rhino Pro Filters are extremely good quality carbon air filters that give exceptional air purification, particle removal and odour control all in a very compact unit. They are a firm favourite due to their size / airflow ratio and the length of time they last. Expect at least 3 years of continual use under normal conditions.

  • Rhino Pro Filters use 100% RC-12 virgin activated carbon and have an average life span of 3 years
  • Rhino Pro Filters have aluminium tops and bottoms for reduced weight
  • 51% open area allows for excellent airflow
  • Extremely compact

Available in 9 sizes:

100mm x 300mm

  • Air Volume: 350m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 4″ A1/L1 fan

125mm x 300mm

  • Air Volume: 500m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 5″ Al/L1 fan

150mm x 300mm

  • Air Volume: 600m3/hr
  • Fan Type:6″ A1 fan

150mm x 600mm

  • Air Volume: 900m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 6″ L1 fan

200mm x 400mm

  • Air Volume: 800m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 8″ A1 fan

200mm x 600mm

  • Air Volume: 1125m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 8″ L1 fan

250mm x 600mm

  • Air Volume: 1420m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 10″ A1/L1 fan

315mm x 1000mm

  • Air Volume: 3250m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 12″ L1 fan

315mm x 600mm

  • Air Volume: 2440m3/hr
  • Fan Type: 12″ A1 / L1 fan