RAM Heavy Duty Wall Fan 45cm

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The RAM Heavy Duty Wall fan is made at the highest standards of quality. The unit includes strong motors, excellent structure quality, and superior materials. The fan is quiet, reliable, and durable. The unit helps growers save space in the grow room to maximise usable floor space. The fan features an oscillating function, which increases air distribution.

General Information

  • The air circulation fan features 18″ diameter blades;
  • The unit comprises 3 speed settings, which you can control via the pull cord switch or the dial;
  • You can control the oscillation feature through the pull cord switch;
  • The unit includes a 100W motor;
  • You can add thermostatic control.


  • The air circulation fan is wall mounted;
  • It’s reliable and durable;
  • The unit has an extensive lifespan;
  • It optimises the space in the grow room;
  • It’s made in line with the highest RAM quality and performance standards.

The Science

The RAM Heavy Duty Wall fan is among the top wall mounted fans available. It’s made to a higher standard when compared with similar products available on the market. The motor has increased power and is reliable. The unit’s framework is built at the highest manufacturing standards and ensures silent running. The fan includes 3 speeds, which are adjustable via a dial or a pull cord switch.

How to Use

Turn the central dial to adjust the speed of the unit. The pull switch cord on the side is also available to set the fan’s speed. Activate the oscillating movement using the pull switch cord. Plug the unit into the power mains and turn it on. Don’t connect the unit to a controller. Control the unit using the speed switches. The controller can burn the unit out and cause a fire.

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