PRO Ballast with Parabolic DLP Reflector and HPS Lamp Kit

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The PRO Ballast is suitable for Sodium and Metal Halide lamps, has a 2 meter mains power cable and IEC connection to suit all types of reflectors. The ballast has a well vented, black powder coated stainless steel enclosure that can be wall mounted if required and as an added safety feature the whole unit is fuse protected to safe guard against short circuits.

PRO Ballast 250w

  • 250w HPS

PRO Ballast 400w

  • 400w HPS

PRO Ballast 600w

  • 600w HPS

The Dual Lamp Position Parabolic Reflector allows the lamp to be positioned in either a horizontal or vertical burning position depending on your requirements. With the lamp mounted horizontally, the reflector will provide better light penetration as well as excellent uniformity. With the lamp mounted vertically, the reflector will provide outstanding uniformity with virtually no hot spots meaning that less heat is directed into the plant canopy. This is a popular configuration for use in grow tents. The reflectors large size gives a really wide coverage even at low mounting heights making it ideal for use in areas with restricted head room.

1 year warranty on PRO Ballast 250w, 400w, 600w.

This lighting system includes:

  • x1 PRO Ballast (250w, 400w, 600w)
  • x1 Parabolic DLP Reflector and
  • x1 Choice of Lamp (250w HPS, 400w HPS, 600w HPS)
Weight 10.3600 kg

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