Plagron Bat Mix Peat 50ltr

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Plagron Bat Mix Peat is a superb blend of top quality peats, worm castings and bat guano. It contains various types of fibre and perlite which results in a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality substrates. The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm castings ensures vigorous plant growth and increased water retention. The main nutrient in Batmix is bat manure (Bat Guano). Bat manure is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium, guaranteeing abundant flowering. Only under closely controlled conditions can Bat Guano be processed into the top quality product Batmix. Batmix produces the highest yields when used with Plagron Alga Grow, Alga Bloom and the additives from Plagron.

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