Monkey Nutrients Monkey Magic 1.2L

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Monkey Nutrients Monkey Magic is a synthetic cocktail of compounds used in ornamental plants to rapidly increase your blooms, yields and density for a truly show-worthy product. Push your yields and fruit production up to another level, whilst stopping your plants from stretching.

Magic works by rapidly reducing the plant’s ability to grow, which allows your plant to put its energy into increasing the number of flower sites, enhancing flower colour and ultimately spending the majority of its energy on increasing fruit density and weight.

Use Magic at a rate of 5ml per 10 litres when your plants have finished their growth stage, typically during weeks five, six and seven of flowering.

  • Dramatically increase flower sites
  • Enhances your plants natural colours
  • Increase fruit density & weight
  • Push your plants up to another level
  • Stops your plants from stretching

The Monkey Nutrients Monkey Magic range is the result of decades of development and field testing by UK growers, providing you with the best quality plant nutrition.


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