Microbial 1ltr

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Microbial – Rootzone Conditioning solution – 1L

  • Microbial is an effective plant conditioner that improves plant health. Healthy plants often naturally withstand outbreaks of many common pests including fungus gnats, aphids, spider mite, and whitefly
  • Improves immunity against botrytis, blight, fusarium, leaf mould, stem rot and powdery mildew
  • Cleans and sanitizes rootzone
  • Improves uptake of oxygen
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Increase plants ability to withstand attacks from airborn pests and diseases aswell as soil borne fungal and bacterial pathogen outbreak

Directions for use – Microbial can be used as a rootzone or plant conditioner. When applied at the recommended dosage rates, Microbial will naturally aid plants to withstand attacks from most common pests as well as fungal and bacterial pathogen outbreaks, including fusarium, pythium, rhizoctonia, phytopthera, sclerotinia. When added directly to plant nutrient solutions, root zone health will be improved enabling the rootzone to uptake oxygen, nutrient and water at a much faster rate.

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