Method Seven LEDfx Agent 939

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The Method Seven LEDfx Agent 939 glasses block significant infrared heat energy, UV and high energy spectrum’s emitted from LED Grow Lights. Providing true colour in bright lighting they are optimised for each of the standard grow lighting spectrum’s.

Experience comfort and safety while working under bright white full spectrum LED lights, and 3,000°K – 4,200°K CMH / LEC lamps. Full spectrum LED technology emits powerful band radiation and potentially UVC; while CMH / LEC lamps contain UV and infrared. It might look like an average sunny day under full spectrum lights, but these “engineered spectrums” require overkill protection. The FX lens is remarkable in its ability to get high levels of beneficial light into your eyes comfortably and safely, allowing your eyes to work more naturally, and with less strain. The FX lens also blocks some near infrared, which aids in keeping your eyes cool and moist. In addition to protecting your eyes under the bright lights of your indoor grow, the FX lens is fantastic for wearing outdoors on a hot sunny day.

The Agent 939 frame wraps with a curved base 8 lens along with big and bold temple pieces for side protection from full spectrum lights. Polymer lenses safeguard eyes against UV.

*Not for use with 6,500°K – 10,000°K Metal Halide lamps OR magenta, pink, and red spectrum LED lights.

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