Maxijet Pump

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NEWA Maxijet pump are a sealed pump that may be used externally, partially or fully submerged, for a variety of applications. They are suitable for use in fresh or salt water aquariums, terrariums, outdoor fountains and hydroponic applications. The pump is not suitable, and as a consequent not covered by the manufacturers guarantee, for uses other than those specified. Versions suitable for both in and outdoor use are available. NEWA Maxi aquarium pump and power head is the ideal choice for fish or invertebrate aquariums. A complete range of sizes makes NEWA Maxi pumps flexible enough to use on under gravel filters as well as small and medium-sized trickle filter systems. The one-piece impeller assembly requires little maintenance, and the absence of loose parts makes the unit easy to clean. The accessory kit includes an innovative 3- suction cup mount support bracket to hold the
pump firmly in place-no wobble, trip or slide.

WARNING (MJ1000): This appliance is made with a special thermal protection circuit. If abnormal operating conditions are encountered, disconnect the appliance from the electrical power supply for a minimum of one hour before reconnecting the plug to the socket.


The NEWA Maxi is provided with an adjustable outlet suited for both stiff and flexible tubes.

MAINTENANCE (MJ250-500-750):

The motor is virtually indestructible, because the NEWA Maxi is self-protected by its own impedance (Z.P.). Because of this, there is no risk of the motor over-heating if the pump is mis used or left to run dry, or if the rotor jams. Clean with warm water and with the help of a small brush. It the rotor becomes encrusted with lime-scale, use vinegar or lemon juice to remove this. Do not use solvents.


This product is guaranteed, in compliance to European directive 1999/44 EC, as free from faults both in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months from date of purchase.
If the product fails to operate correctly within the first two years of the date of purchase, return it to the retailer where it was purchased. The product shall be replaced free of charge. During the period of warranty the product shall be replaced if: 1) the product is returned carefully packaged and has not been damaged in transport. 2) proof of purchase is supplied along with a detailed explanation of reasons for the claim. The warranty is subject to the following restrictions and conditions: 1) The warranty does not cover accidental damage or breakage. 2) Replacement of the product in no way represents admission of responsibility. 3) The warranty is not valid in the case of improper use, and does not cover damage caused by tampering or negligence on the part of the purchaser. 4) The warranty is not valid for components subjected to wear (*).

These small pumps from Maxi jet are extremely reliable and used in the GT205 and GT424 N.F.T. system.

These small pumps from Maxi jet are extremely reliable and used in the GT604 and GT901 N.F.T. systems.

MJ500, MJ750, MJ1000
Top quality submersible pumps. Can be used externally as well as submerged – waterproof rotating water outlet – silent, versatile, low-maintenance – with protected motor that will not overheat.


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