Maxibright Varidrive 720w LED

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Maxibright Varidrive 720W LED

Maxibright quality at an affordable price, better light spectrum than similar LEDs, more red for enhanced flowering.

Key Features –

• 720W

• 1870 μmol/s (PPF)

• 6 bar LED fixture, Designed for a 1.5 x 1.5m area

• Maxibright Varidrive 720W LED features additional red light for enhanced flowering

• 3-year warranty

• High-quality diodes

• Full spectrum light output for the complete grow cycle

• Dimmable: 250W, 400W, 600W, 720W (Boost)

• Foldable and Lightweight

• One-person assembly

• 50’000 hours lifespan

• Dimensions: 1100 x 1080 x 50mm

• Varidrive power pack – Sold separately. Connect to fixture or use remotely

• Remote or Connect power pack: Choose whether the power pack is inside or outside the grow area. (10m extension lead required to remote connect. Sold separately.)

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